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1% for the Planet

Like you, we care about our planet and worry about climate change. When taking care of your production, we’ll always try to organize carpooling for the crew, limit waste and energy use, turn the lights off, use the stairs, prefer reusable water bottles instead of disposable plastic, etc. But we also like to give our customers a chance to do something as well.

This is why you’ll see an added “1% for the Planet” on your estimates. Together with specialized companies, we’ve figured that 1 percent of your estimates is roughly what it would cost to compensate the carbon footprint of your production (car fuel, energy, equipment, etc.). By charging “1% for the Planet”, we collect a respectable amount each year that help fund environmental projects around the world. This is completely optional and you can have that line in your estimate removed – no questions asked.

Ask us about this, we’d love to tell you more.