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The Badger expertise
Using a drone is a very effective way to elevate your videos and make them more dynamic.

A small device can make all the difference.

To vary the perspectives, add energy to the shots and capture the full magnitude of an event or a building or, on the contrary, to get closer to the action when it would be inaccessible on foot… In short, a drone is the perfect solution to bring your video to the next level.

The choice is made! Our drone services are included in our basic formula so that your video is the best it can be.

High quality services
Is a drone really necessary for your particular needs? We are happy to talk about it with you.

The first thing to do is define the content of your video. What do you want to show? What’s it purpose? Are they large spaces or buildings that need to be captured in all their glory? Is it necessary to show the audience where we are?

Answering these simple questions allows you to shoot images that make sense and will reinforce the main message in the final video. More times than not, a drone can be a valuable addition to a powerful video.

Professional gear
Thanks to our daily use of professional cameras, we can offer you a state-of-the-art equipment: from cameras to lights, including sound quality.
You will have the choice between several high-performance cameras (4K, 10-bit, full frame, high quality slow motion, etc.), a wide aperture (F1.4) or prime lens kits, bi-color LED panels, a Sanken COS high definition wireless kit and even a Ronin-S stabilization kit for your projects. Our drones are efficient, resistant to the elements and film in 4K and HD.
We only need to get started!

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